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Are You Looking for the Perfect Baby Gift?

Here are some Gift Giving Essential Ideas:

Start with the Baby Gift Registry: Most expectant parents will create a gift list or wish list of items they need or are hoping to receive at their upcoming baby shower. They will register a list of favorites at online boutiques or major department stores and usually include in the shower invitation where the lists can be found. This makes it easy for friends and family to purchase items they know will be perfect for the new mom because she chose them herself!

The really cool thing about a baby gift registry is that once a baby gift has been purchased, it is then removed from the list. This ensures that mom doesn't receive duplicates of items that she may only need one of. Easy, breezey gift giving for sure!

If for some reason you find yourself without the new mom's personal wish list or prefer to go with something unique you pick out on your own, don't fret, there are lots of baby items out there that every new mom can use over and over, so don't worry in this case about duplicating those types of gifts.

Knowing some facts about baby really can help when it comes to choosing great gifts for them. The most important thing to remember about babies is that their needs are pretty much the same as adults with a few exceptions; they need things to be smaller and in bigger quantity! Their skin is also much more delicate than adults, so select only high quality gifts that take this very important fact into account.

A baby can go through many more outfits in a day simply because they tend to be a bit messier and of course, they do need lots of diapers. Baby will need and go through hundreds of diapers even before reaching her first milestone of one year.

Also, babies are use to coming from a very warm and snug environment and the entrance into a cold world can be somewhat traumatizing. Did you know in the womb, baby basked in a balmy 98.6° — the same as your body temp, an infant’s ability to regulate her body temperature doesn’t fully mature until she’s a year old. For this reason baby blankets, socks, onesies, bibs, sweaters, hats or caps and baby outfits are very important to a newborn's first year of life.

Babies also do a lot of growing in their first year. Their brains are developing at an even faster rate then their bodies, so stimulating, colorful and educational items would also be considered a necessity type gift. This can be in the form of books, musical cds and dvds, rattles and toys. Anything that captures baby's imagination and stimulates his natural curosity makes a great new baby gift or baby shower gift.

The Easy Way: Give them a gift basket.

If you don't want to fuss with trying to find one perfect gift, you can get a beautiful, pre-made gift basket full of useful things. You can select a gift basket that is chock full of things a new parent will need, like a Spa Baby gift, a full set of bath time things that no parent should be without.

There are gift baskets that focus on bath time, bedtime, or even just stocking a new parent with the essentials. Terrycloth towels, washcloths, baby safe bath products, baby hats, a receiving blanket, booties, pacifiers, a teddy bear, or anything else you like can be included in a gift basket. It’s the ideal gift, both useful and fun, wrapped or arranged to be beautiful as well as practical.

Wagon Gift Sets

Like gift baskets, gifts that are presented in an authentic small red wagon are charming and full of the practical gifts that all parents need. They come with teddy bears, bibs, onesies, bath mitts, and many other things that the parents will need to keep their baby happy and healthy. You can get cute shirts, shoes, toys, dolls, and more, of course all with the baby's name or initials, to personalize the gift. You can select a girl, boy, or neutral themed gift wagon. And of course, you can get everything personalized with the baby's name or initials.

Wagon gifts come prettily wrapped, so you don't have to worry about presentation. All you need to worry about is surprising the mother with an amazing gift that she will adore. Baby wagons gifts are a unique and fun way to give parents the things they need. Plus they’ll have that cute little wagon that they can use to tidy toys or to decorate the nursery.

The Essentials

Essential gifts aren't fancy, but no parent should be without the things they need to care for their new baby. The following is a list of the things that makes caring for a baby possible, keeping the child clean, comfortable and happy, and the parents sane and rested. Additionally, most parents agree that you cannot have too much of the essentials.

This isn’t a complete list, to be sure. Every parent has their own list of things that they need for their kid. In some cases, the best way to find the perfect gift is by asking the parents themselves – and you can do that subtly by finding out what gifts they have already received.

Onesies, Shirts & Bibs
A parent can never have too many onesies and shirts. Babies are messy, and new parents may not realize just how often they will change the clothes of their child. If you keep your friend well stocked with a lot of cute long sleeve shirts and onesies, you will have their thanks for a long, long time.

Bibs are a great way to keep baby looking neat and clean at all times. New parents will go through a lot of bibs even in a day's time so they will need lots of them as new babies tend to burp and spit up alot. A bib can be easily changed without having to switch out the entire outfit. The more they have of this baby essential, the better.

If you think that other people will be getting them lots of newborn sized onesies, try buying one size up. Since everyone is focused on the fact that the baby will be a newborn, it is likely that most people will buy for the first few months. Babies grow fast, and by the time the baby is a few months old, parents will start to need bigger clothing.

One-Piece Pajamas
Just like with onesies and bibs, there’s no such thing as too many pajamas. A few good pairs of pajamas will be used all the time by the new parents. Pajamas are also usually cute as well as comfortable for the baby. In fact, many parents find that leaving their baby in a cute pair of pajamas all day is a simple and efficient way to dress them. One-piece pajamas are a classic gift that anyone can give, and every parent will love.

It’s fun to dress up a new baby. They're adorable in different outfits, and new parents can never have enough adorable get-ups to dress their baby in. Buying expecting parents several pairs of baby rompers is a sure way for your gift to be a hit, while also giving them something that they will use all the time once the baby has grown a bit.

Babies are small and not quite ready to face the world yet, so you have to figure that they get cold. Baby socks are a great way to keep a new kid warm. While socks might seem a little utilitarian, that doesn't matter. Mothers love them because they make their baby more comfortable. And you can get them in many colors, so it never seems like you can have too many. Plus, if the kid is going to wear shoes, socks are a bit of a necessity.

Hats & Caps
Just like with socks, hats keep babies comfortable and warm. No matter whether you live in a very warm or very cold climate, you’ll see that every baby is almost always wearing a hat of some kind or another. Broad-brimmed sun hats are great during the summer, to protect the baby’s face and eyes from the sun. And during the winter, cute knit soft caps keep babies from getting too cold.

Baby Blankets
While a grandparent or other family member may knit or quilt a special baby blanket for the new baby, one blanket is never enough. Don’t be afraid to pick out a lovely baby blanket that can be washed and dried in the machine.

Have you noticed how many things on this list are about keeping babies clean? Washcloths are a really basic gift, but they are very helpful to keep around. After all, if the baby burps, you need something to clean them up with. Look for delicate, soft washcloths, since they will be going on the baby's face.

Burp Cloths
Burp cloths are what keep mommies and daddies clean. And you can bet that new parents never buy enough at first. Keep your friends well stocked with these and they will appreciate your gift tremendously.

Some Fun Ideas

If you aren't looking for something that's a necessity, then you'll want something fun. The very best ideas are based on the personality of the expecting parents. If you pay attention to their style or preferences, you’ll probably be able to find a fun or funky gift that will be practical but a little more personal. You can also look for something that will remind them of you – something to your taste and style, which can also be useful and fun.

Fun Educational Toys

They say it is never too early to start educating your child. Educational toys are fun for the baby, and the mother like them, too. A good educational toy will keep the child's interest, while not being so noisy that it drives the parents crazy. Newborns will not need educational toys, but newborns grow and change so quickly that having a couple of educational or toys around is a great idea. Consider a Baby Einstein Gift basket, designed to stimulate a child’s learning processes and help them form learning pathways early. Again, a clever and well-designed gift basket makes gift giving easy and fun – your friends will appreciate the gifts as well as the presentation.

No Gift is Wrong

Remember, whatever you decide to buy for expecting or new parents, they will be happy you thought of them and grateful for the gift you bring. If you really want to impress them and ensure they have something they’ll need and want, be sure to check out their baby gift registry!

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