A present that you give your pregnant wife can make her feel special as can be

Posted on 09 November 2012

One of the sweetest things that you can do for your wife when she is pregnant is show her that you love her by being a good husband. During those nine months, there's no doubt that the mother of your child is going to feel stressed, emotional and overwhelmed at times, and as a future daddy, you should do all you can to demonstrate that you care.

Need some ideas on how to treat your partner like the queen that she is while she's expecting? Then follow the tips below:

1) Let her vent
This is especially important if she's never been preggers before. She'll probably tell you that she's nervous and unsure, and when she does, make sure that you listen with open ears and an open mind. Mom might even be uncertain about sharing her emotions with you, and so you should encourage her and say you'd like her to be honest about what she's thinking.

2) Keep her off her feet
Especially during the last couple months of her pregnancy, she's probably going to feel like a balloon. Her feet will be sore and she may be uncomfortable. To alleviate this and other symptoms she may be experiencing at the beginning of her pregnancy, like morning sickness, do your part and help out with chores around the house.

3) Get her a little gift
What woman doesn't love being surprised? To show her that she's incredibly special to you, consider purchasing her a little present that will certainly come in handy from Stork Baby Gift Baskets. The Mocha Mint Classic Tote Bag and Accessories will put a smile on her face that will absolutely warm your heart.

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