Baby items that may make you laugh and the same time!

Posted on 19 June 2012

When you and your partner have a baby on the way, it is important to do all you can to make sure you both are prepared. That means, making sure you have all the essential baby items, like a crib, clothes and diapers. And although, there is certainly nothing wrong with purchasing items that you don't need, but simply want, the items on the list below, which were cited in a recent article by, are just downright silly.

Sure, we may dress up our little ones in frilly dresses or other outfits that may draw stares from our loved ones or those on the street. But, one baby product that is sure to make even the most serious people laugh is an item called Baby Bangs. These toupees are no joke, although they make look like one. For $30, this company lets you give your baby a full set of hair.

Next on's list is the BabyKeeper Hanging Infant Harness. It has two hooks that hang over a wall, leaving you with two free hands to do your business. Hanging up your baby will cost you $40. And although that price may seem cheap for something that makes life convenient, ask yourself how much room will you really have in your diaper bag to keep this silly item?

Finally, say hello to the Babi-kini Baby Bikini. Although this fashion item sure is cute, it is too small to be worn with a diaper, which makes us wonder how many little ones that can fit into this bikini are potty-trained? However, if a potential accident doesn't worry you, one of these can be yours for $30.

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