Baby name no-nos for 2012 Baby name no-nos for 2012

Posted on 17 February 2012

Most of the time, expecting moms and dads each have different ideas of what to name their baby. And while this disagreement can lead to difficult arguments, it can also ultimately lead to compromise. However, a new report from, an online baby name guide, indicates that while baby names are getting increasingly creative - we welcomed Bronx Mowgli Wentz and Blue Ivy Carter in recent years - there are some names that men and women from all walks of life can agree aren't suitable for a child.

In particular, some names are off-limits due to age-old superstitions or the negative actions of a famous individual who had that same name. For example, many parents won't consider naming their child Benedict or Adolf, as Benedict Arnold - the infamous American traitor - and Adolf Hitler - the former dictator of Nazi Germany - are considered so bad that moms and dads are unwilling to give these names to their children.

Similarly, some of the off-limits names are of religious significance - for example, the names Cain, Lucifer, Judas and Mary - were cited in the report. Others hold a connotation for certain types of behavior such as Bridget and Jezebel, which are associated with maids and call girls, respectively.

As a result, parents who are looking for the perfect name for their child may simply want to play it safe, or follow a popular baby-naming trend. Fierce names such as Bear, Fox, Hawk and Falcon are gaining popularity along with cowboy or western-themed monikers such as Cole, Colt, Maverick and Wyatt.

Regardless of the name parents choose for their child, friends and relatives can choose to send custom baby gift baskets to the newborn. By purchasing a gift basket with items that are embroidered to feature the child's name, these individuals can ensure they send the right message, even if they wouldn't have picked that name for their child.

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