Consumers push for Bumbo Baby Seat recall

Posted on 21 February 2012

On February 7, a coalition of consumer groups banned together to draft a formal letter to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) in regards to a number of complaints from concerned parents about problems they've experienced with a particular baby seat. While the manufacturers have advertised the product as a way to help babies sit upright before they would otherwise be able to, some children are suffering substantial injuries after falling from the seats.

In November, CPSC issued a rare warning in regards to the product, which currently retails online for anywhere from $15 to $60. Since the product was introduced in 2001, it's proven extremely popular with consumers, but the severity of the safety concerns associated with the product are concerning many parents.

"Because serious injuries are occurring when this product is used as intended, and since these injuries involve an alarming number of skull fractures, we have grave concerns about the safety of Bumbo International's Baby Seat," Consumer Federation of America, Consumers Union, Kids in Danger, Public Citizen and U.S. Public Interest Research Group wrote in their letter to CPSC.

In total, 33 children have suffered skull fractures as a result of the product. According to a spokesman from Bumbo, however, the product is safe when used as intended and when parents read the warnings and instructions associated with the products.

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