Be a champion in the delivery room by following the tips below

Posted on 14 November 2012

The idea of childbirth is scary enough for moms-to-be, but it's also frightening for dads. Doctors and nurses are flying around the room, equipment is beeping and on top of all of that, men have to worry about giving their wife the support she needs.

If your sweetie is going to be giving birth soon and you are becoming increasingly nervous, then don't worry. By following this "cheat sheet" from, you'll be an experienced labor room pro in no time:

1) Don't go the hospital right away
Your wife might tell you she's going into labor, but that doesn't mean that you should call up her OBGYN and tell him or her that both of you are on your way. says that if you arrive to the birthing center when she's only one centimeter dialated, you will probably be sent home because that means she's got a long way to go.

Try to distract your partner and keep her mind off any pain that she is feeling. Whether that means watching a movie, giving her a massage or going for a walk is up to you.

2) Recognize what true labor is
If your wife has never been pregnant before, she's likely to feel false labor pains. However, as the dad-to-be, it's important that you help her realize that what it is she experiencing isn't what is referred to as "true labor." Symptoms of this include intense lower back pain, cramps and regular contractions.

3) Give her a push present
What woman doesn't like getting a present? If you want to give mommy-to-be a little extra encouragement, surprise her with a push present from Stork Baby Gift Baskets. Imagine the look on her face when she sees the "New Baby Bundle Gift Box." Any pain or anxiety she is feeling at that moment is likely to go right out the window!


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