Beyonce and daughter Blue step out for shopping trip at Bergdorf Goodman in NYC

Posted on 19 July 2012

Baby Blue Ivy is a burgeoning fashionista just like her mom! Beyonce and her 6-month-old daughter were spotted at ultra-exclusive and high-end department store Bergdorf Goodman in Manhattan on Wednesday, July 18.

A picture taken by one shopper showed the little one wearing peach leggings and a flowered top. Beyonce looked effortlessly chic in a red mini-dress, red lipstick, braided hair in bun and big hoop earrings.

''It's cool,'' posted the unnamed Twitter user. ''Just shopping next to Beyonce at Bergdorf, baby on her hip. No entourage.''

Baby Blue was carried out of the department store covered by a gauze-like sheath. Although paparazzi were unable to capture a picture of the future diva's face, they were able to snap a photo of the mother-daughter duo as they exited the store.

Beyonce has been seen walking around NYC with her baby, but the famed singer has always made an effort to keep her daughter protected from aggressive photogs.

However, while the sheath kept paparazzi cameras at bay, the shopper not only exposed baby Blue's fashion sense, they also snapped a rare photo of the baby's face. And although fans everywhere now know what Blue's face looks like, the origin of her unique name still remains a mystery to many.

Beyonce revealed that her and husband Jay Z decided to name Blue after a tree wrapped in a blue ivy color that the couple came across while vacationing in Croatia. As such, Mayor Pjerino Bebic named the dynamic duo's daughter an honorary citizen of the island of Hvar.

"The story of the origin of the name of your daughter has brought enormous media attention and therefore tourist promotion to the town and island of Hvar," said Bebic.

News sources did not reveal if Beyonce bought any new high end baby gifts for the adorable for the little one while on their shopping spree. But, by the looks of it, it seems like her daughter was the only thing she walked out of Bergdorf's with.

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