Ridiculous and hilarious baby products part II

Posted on 18 July 2012

We all know that there are some baby products that make us laugh and cringe. In a previous post, we discussed items like baby wigs and a baby hanging station that allows moms to keep their hands free while going to the bathroom.

And, we're proud to announce that the list didn't stop there. Here is a continuation of products from Parenting.com that will make you wonder "who ever thought of these items"?

1) Time out pad
This is a toddler's dream. The time out pad actually makes punishment fun! This gadget makes sounds and allows naughty two and three year olds to play games after they've been a bad boy or girl. Call us old fashioned, but we're firm believers that castigation should never be enjoyable.

2) Placenta teddy bear
Your baby's birth is an event you will remember for the rest of your life. But, does that mean you have to save the placenta, and furthermore, turn it into a teddy bear? This kit allows you to turn the afterbirth into a stuffed animal that looks anything but cuddly.

3) Swarovski Rainbow Sparkle Silicone Pacifier
OK, so there's nothing with wanting to dress your baby girl in fashionable clothes. But, giving her a crystal-studded pacifier to suck on is taking it too far. Not only is it on the ridiculous side, but according to Parenting.com, there have been some bedazzled pacifiers that have been recalled due to hazards they pose to the baby. So unless you are trying to get your baby to channel her inner fashion icon, Victoria Beckham, stick to binkies without the sparkly duds.

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