My baby is breaking out! Is that normal?

Posted on 17 July 2012

One of many things that makes babies so darn cute is their super-soft and beautiful skin. Who can resist pinching those adorable rosy cheeks? Not very many people. But, what do you do if you notice that your little one has a rash or some bumps that you and your partner don't think are quite normal? One thing you shouldn't do is panic: Those spots on your baby's skin aren't as uncommon as you think. recently published a list of common skin issues and what they may mean to parents:

1) Acne neonatorum
Hormonal teens aren't the only ones that break out sometimes, babies do too. "Newborn acne," are small red spots that have a yellow-tinted center. These blemishes form because of an increase of hormones right before your little one is born. The good news is that this condition usually isn't serious and almost always clears up without medicine.

2) Milia
These are tiny white bumps that usually form on your newborn's nose, forehead and cheeks. Although they may look three-dimensional, they are flat to the touch. Milia is caused by an accumulation of skin lubricant on your baby's body. Like "baby acne," this condition usually goes away on its own after your little bundle of joy is one month old.

3) Miliaria
Miliaria is an elevated rash that is formed from small blisters filled with a clear or milky white secretion. To get rid of this condition, simply remember to gently wash your baby's face with very mild soap and water. If you notice that the rash has not improved after a month, you should consult with your doctor. He or she can prescribe medicine that will help it go away.

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