Bring your baby to work out with you at this NYC Pilates studio

Posted on 01 August 2012

Dropping baby weight has never been cuter. An exercise class is giving moms in the New York City area the chance to try  a new type of workout that's helping them get fit while bonding with their little bundles of joy. The course started at a studio on 14th Street called Pilates ProWorks and is known as the "Mommy and Me" workout, reports the New York Daily News.

It's one of the chicest and most effective ways to tone those hard-to-reach places like the thighs and buttocks using the Pilates reformer machine, which provides its users with resistance to develop good alignment, core strength and flexibility. The women in the class can burn up to 300 calories in a single hour session by going through 40 different positions that include lunging and lifting their babies.

''You can feel the burn!'' said Jacki Garber, who takes the class and brings her 11-month-old daughter Olivia with her, according to the news source. ''She's getting big, so it's getting harder. I feel it in my arms.''

You may be wondering how babies like coming with their moms to work out. Reportedly, when the little ones aren't dipping with their mommas, they often are giggling or falling asleep, especially when wedged in between the extra-wide cushions of the smooth-gliding reformer.

But, as tempting as it can be to enroll in this New York City class or one that is similar in other parts of the country, it's important to know that doctors recommend that your little one be at least six months old before attending.

''You need a baby with back strength and neck strength to support themselves, and then you have to look at the classes and see what they are asking you to do,'' says NYU doctor Lori Evans, according to the news source.

Whether you choose to attend the "Mommy and Me" workout in Park Slope or Manhattan, one thing's for certain: this is one workout that looks more enjoyable than anything we've read about in a while.

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