Jenna Fischer of "The Office" says she took her time dropping post baby weight

Posted on 02 August 2012

In the age where Hollywood women are expected to hover between a size two and zero, even right after giving birth, Jenna Fischer of NBC's television show "The Office" deviates from the norm. Instead of trying crazy diets, spending all her time in the gym and putting unnecessary pressure on herself, Fischer said that she took her time fitting back into her wardrobe.

She and husband Lee Kirk became proud parents 10 months ago to little Weston Lee. And, despite perceptions that all famous actresses have maids, nannies, drivers and butlers, Fischer told People Magazine that, just like most people, she doesn't have outside help and has to figure out how to balance everything all by herself. That means that she hasn't been able to devote her life to weight loss by spending 12 hours in the gym a day.

''It's taken me every day of 10 months to lose the weight,” she told the magazine. ''I did it slowly and I did it moderately. It was important for me to lose it. I was a fit and active person before I had my son, but if there’s one thing I could do for a new mom it'd be to alleviate her of any guilt or any stress over the idea of having her body look a certain way.''

So for right now, Fischer is simply enjoying spending time with her hubby and son before she heads back to "The Office." And for her, she says that's better than fitting into that size 0 mini dress and those skinny jeans.

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