Follow these tips and your pregnant wife will think of you as "husband of the year"

Posted on 02 November 2012

If your wife has just told you that both of you are going to be first-time parents, there are most likely a few emotions that are running through your head. In addition to feeling joy and excitement, you've probably also noticed that you're a bit nervous. In fact, one of your biggest concerns is making sure that you're helpful and loving during this incredibly special time.

Keep in mind that although you may be a bit overwhelmed, you don't have to be scared. By following the tips below from, you'll show your wife how supportive you are, which will undoubtedly mean the world to her:

1) Maintain a positive attitude
Although you may think your pregnant partner looks more beautiful than ever, at some point, you can bet that she's going to feel unattractive. Don't be afraid to tell her that she looks sexy. Getting those types of compliments is sure to do wonders for her self -esteem.

2) Attend important prenatal visits
You may not be able to be there for all the doctor's appointments, but you should try to make it to some. If you're wondering what the important ones are, they include the first time the heartbeat is heard (around 12 weeks), the first ultrasound (around 18-20 weeks) and, of course, toward the  end of the pregnancy when labor and delivery will be spoken about.

3) Help get the house ready
Your wife isn't going to be able to be doing any heavy lifting or baby-proofing once she's far along, but that doesn't mean it can't get done. Take the initiative and complete tasks like assembling the crib, hanging shades in the nursery and making sure there are plenty of newborn baby clothes in the drawers.

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