How to enjoy yourself while pregnant and on vacation

Posted on 25 July 2012

Picture this: you're on a beautiful island surrounded by gorgeous scenery, and you're enjoying some time off from work with your partner. But, there's just one tiny thing we've forgotten to mention: you're pregnant.

You may think that thanks to your growing belly, unflattering maternity clothes and over-consumption of non-alcoholic drinks, you can't enjoy yourself. But, think again. recently published an article that provides mommies to-be-be with some tips on how to have a good time while on a getaway.

Here are our favorites from their recent piece:

1) Pick your sweet spot
Before leaving on your trip, come up with some ideas with your partner about what you both are looking for when on vacation. Is it warm weather? A cabin nestled in the mountains? Answering these questions will help you determine the perfect destination, even when you're late along in your pregnancy.

2) Dress comfortably
Your main goal when expecting and on vacation should be to have a good time and to be comfortable. To do that, bring outfits that aren't going to constrict your movement. Flowy skirts and blouses, maxi dresses, cardigans, yoga pants and sundresses are all cute and great options.

3) Make wise food choices
It's important to eat healthy snacks throughout the day when you're pregnant. Keep some trail mix by your side when relaxing poolside or have some granola bars handy while enjoying that mountain view from your cabin. The last thing you want to feel is sick and nauseous because you haven't been consuming enough food.

4) Have fun
This may sound like common sense, but remember to enjoy yourself! There's no point in complaining because you feel you don't look as attractive as that 25 year old who just walked by in 4-inch stiletto heels. Revel in the scenery and one-on-one time you have together because life will certainly become hectic once your baby arrives.

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