How to get your newborn to start using his brain

Posted on 05 March 2012

If you are expecting, there is no doubt you are eagerly awaiting the day when your new bundle of joy comes into the world. But what can be just as exciting is beginning to interact with your little one once he or she arrives.

Noticing little things like your baby's first smile, word, or the way he turns his head when you stroke his cheek are all little things that can make a big difference to parents. These actions and movements are all connected to your baby's brain. Scientists previously thought a baby's brain was a blank slate. But recent research has shown that isn't the case.

But as research progresses, it is becoming more apparent that babies have brains and senses that are bustling with activity, even at a very young age. Here are some ways, from, that you can help your newborn develop important cognitive skills.

Hold your baby with your left hand under his body, support his head with your right hand, and whisper his name. Try to take special notice of any muscle movement, like tenseness or arches his back. If your baby looks uncomfortable, that's because he probably is. Try creating a more peaceful and soothing environment around you by reducing the light in the room and lowering your voice.

After doing this and saying his name again, you are likely to notice that he will turn his head in your direction. This is a reflex action, the news source reports,and signals ongoing development.  Keep talking to your baby. If you notice he focuses longer on you than other things around him, that's a sign he recognizes you as your mother. This recognition is an important development in your baby's life. 

As a gift giver for a newborn, there are many cool baby gifts available on the market today that can help stimulate baby's brain from a very young stage.  Search out gifts that include colorful and stimulating toys and books that encourage learning through playtime.  Your thoughtful gift can actually help new parents connect, nurture and stimulate their baby's brain while discovering his new world and surroundings together.

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