To reveal or not to reveal your thoughts on a terrible baby name choice

Posted on 02 March 2012

For expecting parents, picking out their unborn child's name is often exciting and can even be intimidating, considering the name you give them will identify them for the rest of their lives. And whether they choose to reveal their baby's name at a baby shower when expecting parents are given baby gifts like rocking chairs and jewelry for babies, or an intimate dinner for friends and family members, learning a baby's name can be equally exciting for others as it was for parents to pick it out.  

But what about learning that your pregnant sister or best friend is giving her baby a name that sounds more like a science experiment than anything? No need to worry. Psychologist Dr. Richard O'Neill, a contributing writer for The Post Standard, has some tips for when you think expecting parents have made a terrible baby name choice.

Before saying anything, it is important you consider the relationship you have with the mother and father to-be. In work situations where a general rule is to keep personal opinions and information to yourself, it may be best to do just that. This will help both parties avoid any type of tension at work, where personal opinions can negatively affect a work environment.

When it comes to friends and family members, it is easier to be a little open when asked your opinion of a name that is a bit more than unusual. Of course, keep in mind, the goal here is not to be mean or degrading, but honest in a gentle way. If you or anyone you know was teased for an unusual name, now might be a good time to share that experience, O'Nell suggests. This method can be a good way to voice your thoughts and provide a real life situation that has negatively impacted a person's life because of a name their parents gave them.

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