How to make run errands with a new baby.

Posted on 10 July 2012

Right after having a baby, you and your partner will surely have your hands full. When you aren't changing diapers or feeding your little one, you'll likely be putting him or her down for a nap and trying to catch up some ZZZs yourself. But, eventually there will come the day when you begin taking your newborn out with you everywhere from the supermarket to the pharmacy to the bank.

However, taking your bundle of joy on outings doesn't have to be stressful. By following the tips below from, you can ensure that your excursions with your son or daughter are a hassle-free experience.

Don't take shortcuts
One mom who shared her secrets on the website says that when running errands with her baby, she takes the long way. That way, he falls asleep in the car and stays in dreamland, even when she lifts his infant seat, which doubles as a carrier, out of her vehicle.

It's also smart to make use of grocery carts. The source suggests that you place your baby's infant carrier in the cart and rock it back and forth when looking for items in the grocery store or pharmacy. Baby's find the rocking motion soothing.

Preparation is key
It's no secret that groceries can be expensive. Before driving around from supermarket to supermarket, do some research, especially since you won't want to be bargain hunting with a cranky newborn in the back seat. Use a website like, plug in your zipcode and pick grocery stores near you. The site above will help you compare prices of the items that you need at each store, saving you time and money.

Pack light
If you are going shopping with your little one, you will certainly already have a lot to carry. That is why it isn't smart to take much else with you, besides the essentials, like your wallet, drivers license and a few baby items like diapers and wipes. Think about toting everything in the or a large purse. After hitting the grocery store, the last thing you'll want is to try to transport a baby, groceries, a diaper bag and purse out of your car and into your house.

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