New research emerges that says pregnant women should give their feet a break

Posted on 03 July 2012

Many of us moms in today's world are constantly on-the-go, even when we are pregnant. Whether we are hitting the gym for a prenatal yoga class, working at the office or shopping at the grocery store, it may seem like we never have a free moment to sit down and just relax.

But, as productive as it may seem to be on our feet all day, a recent study from the University Medical Centre, Rotterdam in The Netherlands showed that standing for long periods of time when we're pregnant may slow our baby's growth.

The research demonstrated that pregnant women who stood for extended periods of time gave birth to babies whose heads were an average of one centimeter or 3 percent smaller in circumference than newborns who were considered average size at birth.

Furthermore, females who worked more than 25 hours a week gave birth to little ones who typically weighed five to seven ounces less than babies born to moms who worked no more than 25 hours a week. The study indicated that these differences were noticeable starting in the third semester, or at 12 weeks into pregnancy.

But, just because these findings were concluded doesn't mean that you need to stop working or standing when you are expecting.

Dr. Jill Rabin, an obstetrician and gynecologist based in New York, said that if you want to work during your pregnancy, then "by all means keep working," according to MSNBC. 

She did say, however, that women who are pregnant shouldn't be standing the whole time when they are at work. It's important that these moms-to-be include a mixture of standing, sitting and walking when in the office.

Of course, if you have any questions, you should always speak to your doctor. He or she can tell you what is best for you and your baby based on your health and lifestyle.

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