Research shows that baby boys may help prevent diseases in their moms

Posted on 28 September 2012

When a child is born, they are likely to inherit some physical features from mom or dad. But, a recent study conducted at the University of Washington showed that male babies are the ones are responsible for passing on DNA to their moms, giving the phrase 'mother-son bond' a whole new meaning.

The research found that boy fetuses who shared a womb with a female fetus passed his DNA onto both their sisters and moms. Analysts reportedly looked at the brains of 59 women who had passed away and discovered that 63 percent of them had fetal DNA that had distinct male characteristics.

Although what exactly boy DNA does to the brains of girls is still not 100 percent certain, the study does seem to propose that it safeguards against Alzheimer's disease. The study also further suggests that women without their baby boy or brother's DNA had a heightened risk of degenerative diseases such as Parkinson's and Diabetes.

“To me, this suggests that the presence of fetal cells in the female brain prevents disease,” said Mount Sinai School of Medicine cardiologist Hina Chaudhry in a statement.

Of course, there is still more research that needs to be conducted, but for right now, analysts feel confident saying that male DNA also plays a factor in helping women ward off breast cancer by improving their immune responses.

If you are expecting and are having a boy, you shouldn't simply rely on this study. Maintaining a healthy diet and eating right are instrumental in giving birth to a healthy infant and will also help your body remain illness-free during and after those important nine months.

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