Worried you may go into labor early? Then consider reading this advice from the March of Dimes

Posted on 01 October 2012

Few people are ready for anything like pregnant women are. Whether they are expecting triplets or just one baby, these women know how to prepare for whatever life throws at them during those nine months. If you fall into this category, than you've probably done some research on how to have a healthy pregnancy, including steps you can take to reduce your chances of preterm labor.

The March of Dimes recommends:

1) Seeking proper medical care during those nine months. It is imperative that all women do this, but especially those who are at a risk for preterm labor, including the following: African-Americans, low-income women and females under the age of 17 and older than 35 years old.

2) Getting medical attention right away if you experience symptoms such as vaginal bleeding and discharge, lower back pain and cramping. According to the website, medicine that is administered early enough may halt preterm labor.

3) Speaking with your doctor about progesterone treatment to reduce your risks of delivering early. This type of therapy can be administered two ways: through a vaginal gel or a shot. The former is recommended for women with a short cervix and the latter is better suited for females who have had a past preterm birth.

Before pursuing any course of action to prevent delivering early, you should always talk to your doctor. He or she can help you map out a plan, depending on your risks and lifestyle, to help you carry baby to full-term.

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