Study finds toxins in 85 percent of tested baby products

Posted on 09 February 2012

While parents go to lengths to protect their children from external hazards by baby proofing their home and taking precautions whenever a baby is outside their home, new moms and dads may not be able to shield their child from every potential safety concern. In addition, a new report by the Washington Toxics Coalition and Safer States indicates that upwards of 80 percent of baby products, including car seats, nursing pillows and other essential baby items, contain toxins.

The researchers found that toxins found in the flame retardants of 17 out of the 20 baby products that it tested. What may be more alarming to parents, however, is that the chemicals in question have been linked to hormone disruption, cancer and other negative health effects. The researchers say children and their families are often exposed to these potential hazards - called Tris chemicals - when they escape from the items and into the surrounding environment.

"Parents shouldn't have to worry about hidden toxic chemicals in their child's nursing pillow or car seat," Erika Schreder, author of the report, said in the release. "Unfortunately, our testing shows many items contain toxic flame retardants that aren't good for children's health."

According to the study, several companies have banned the use of Tris chemicals in their products. As such, parents that are concerned about the well being of their children may want to consider purchasing items for their newborn with Bobby, Baby Bjorn and Orbit Baby.

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