The Adorable Stork Infant Basket is the perfect gift for your best friend

Posted on 18 May 2012

Your best friend and husband are expecting, and you couldn't be more excited. After all, you've known her since you both were little kids and always talked about raising kids together and planning each other baby's showers.

And although you are undoubtedly incredibly happy for your best friend, you may be a little nervous about getting her the perfect gift for her baby girl. When looking for a newborn baby gift, surely you've found presents online and in stores. But, these gifts always seem so ordinary.

However, there's one baby gift that will have your best friend and her husband beaming when she opens it. The Adorable Stork Infant Basket is a newborn baby gift that is unique and special.

This beautiful gift set comes with all the baby essentials that are needed during a baby's first few months. Your best friend can keep her newborn warm by dressing her in the baby vest, embroidered cat and printed mittens.

When it's time to feed the little princess your BFF can use the baby bottle that comes in this gift basket along with the baby bib. And when she's old enough to start eating that delicious rice cereal, mom can feed her using the baby fork and spoon.

But, those aren't the only items that come in this gift set. Your friend will thank you for making bath time a little bit easier by giving her a gift basket that comes with Johnson & Johnson baby shampoo, lotion and baby powder. Products made by this brand are known for being incredibly gentle, so your friend's daughter won't cry should some shampoo accidentally get in her delicate eyes.

And despite all the joys of being a new parent, your closest pal will undoubtedly need some "me time." She can relax by noshing on the chocolate-covered blueberries and bag of Ghirardelli chocolate squares.

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