The Personalized Pretty Baby Essentials Gift Basket perfect baby shower gift

Posted on 17 May 2012

If you have attended a baby shower for a coworker, you know what a special event it is. Everything from playing silly games to opening unique baby shower gift baskets is meant to celebrate the upcoming birth of a precious, newborn baby.

However, finding the perfect gift for a colleague who is expecting a baby girl can be quite overwhelming. After all, there is so much to choose from! How do you know whether to buy something off the mommy-to-be's baby registry or a unique present that you saw online?

The good news is that there is one gift that will make a mom and her newborn equally happy. The Fabulous Family Gift Basket comes with fabulous items that will have other guests at the baby shower jealous at your amazing gift-giving skills!

The day a baby girl is born, mommy can keep her warm in the personalized blanket and essential gifts. This item will make your colleague's newborn feel as secure as she did when she was in her mother's belly.

During feeding time, mommy can use the personalized blankets It's as functional as it is adorable, and will certainly come in handy when she's getting used to eating rice cereal and other messy snacks. When it's time to burp her newborn, your co-worker can use one of three of the burp clothes. Two of the cotton cloths come with a blue or pink trim. The other one is personalized with baby's initial.

All of these wonderful baby essentials come in a beautiful baskets that can be used to hold all sorts of nursery items from books to toys to more clothes.

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